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Case Management

- Why and When -

Meeting the Staff
Why Use Case Management?
  • Open the lines of communication between parties

  • Identify appropriate treatment plan

  • Directly assist injured worker through the treatment plan

  • Assure treatment plan is followed

  • Reduce and eliminate delays in return to work process

  • Facilitate a return to restricted duty when available

  • Expedite successful recovery & return to full duty

  • Maintain good relations with employees

  • Reduce overall claim costs

When to Use It.
  • A solid treatment plan is needed

  • Injured party is fully restricted from work

  • Employer is unable to accommodate work restrictions

  • Surgery or post-op rehab is recommended 

  • Working restricted duty with no improvement of condition

  • Injured worker needs direction in the rehab process

  • Communication is lacking with injured worker

  • Injury is negatively affecting attendance and productivity

Injured Worker's Perspective

How Do I Benefit from Case Management?
Worker with Yellow Helmet
  • No cost to you for Case Management Services

  • Assistance each step of the way in the recovery process

  • Answers to your questions during the process

  • Extensive claim experience accompanying you at doctor appointments

  • Treatment and Testing coordinated so you don't have to 

  • Assistance with paperwork involved in the process

  • Assisting you toward your goal of recovery and a successful return to work

  • A quicker return to regular wages and activities you enjoy

What Can I Do to Help Myself?
  • Maintain open communication with Case Manager

  • Regular attendance at doctor appointments and treatment sessions

  • Adhere to the treatment plan recommended by your doctor

  • Good effort during treatment sessions such as physical therapy

  • Be aware of necessary forms to be completed

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