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Case Management Services

Field Case Management

* Field case management is the optimum method of establishing open communication in a work injury claim. 

* The Benchmark Case Manager personally meets with the injured party and their medical provider, to develop a viable treatment plan.

* We assist in coordinating and monitoring the plan to ensure the treatment plan is followed, reducing delays and interruptions, permitting timely changes in the plan as necessary. 

* The employer and their representatives are updated regarding the outcome of each appointment, and as events in the claim unfold. 

* Face to face contact with the injured party continues throughout the rehab process as they progress toward a successful recovery and return to work.

Task Assignment

Occasionally, only a one-time meeting is needed involving the Benchmark Field Case Manager, injured worker, and treating provider, to get a claim "on track" or an injured worker successfully back to work. The status and needs of the injured worker are determined and an appropriate treatment plan is developed and outlined.


& Telephonic

Some claims can be managed by the Benchmark Case Manager through video conferencing or telephonically with the injured worker and physician, or other medical providers. All parties remain updated by the Case Manager throughout the process.

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